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Continuum Smallworld GIS Services

Continuum has been on the forefront of GE Smallworld consulting, software development, and training since 1995. We've completed projects for over 50 utility, telecommunications and IT companies, including GE. We have presented more than 100 accredited Smallworld training courses. We work on short and long-term assignments, and when you face time constraints, we hit the ground running.

If you are looking for help with Smallworld GIS, we will save you time and money. We have experience with the entire Smallworld GIS development cycle, including databases, integration with Smallworld products, repairs and upgrades. We know how to talk to engineers and operators to gather requirements that address their concerns the first time, and we know how to build scalable, reliable systems.

If you are looking for reasonable cost, reliability, and experience, contact Continuum.

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