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Continuum was created by a math professor who noticed how often software architects settle for solutions using basic trial and error algorithms, when in many cases, mathematics can deliver much faster and better results. Even experienced developers have a blind spot when it comes to building and using mathematical algorithms. His observation was confirmed when Continuum began providing solutions to a wide range of companies, stretching from disc drive manufacturers, to IBM, McDonnell-Douglas and StorageTek. Two examples: A linear programming configuration of tape storage libraries that reduced run time from more than 24 hours to less than a minute, and an artificial intelligence solution that scanned paper blueprints, recognizing plant elements and turned them into electronic GIS databases.

Introduced to GIS, Continuum soon was one of the first companies to offer Smallworld GIS instruction and consulting. More than 50 Smallworld projects and 100 training classes later, Continuum is a staple in the GE Smallworld community.

When customers asked if we could produce Visio schematic diagrams from GIS data, we created GeoschematicsTM machine drafting, which today delivers the best machine drafting anywhere. Continuum remains involved in all types of Smallworld and general GIS projects.

We bring to the table proprietary development and test tools, experience gathering and documenting solution requirements, and, of course, unsurpassed skills applying and creating mathematical algorithms. We offer custom solutions at low cost, while delivering the highest quality. We solve difficult problems that defy attempts by the largest and most respected IT companies. We are expert at updating and documenting GE Smallworld and Python applications. Customers often tell us they are pleasantly surprised by new opportunities that appear when they begin using our solutions, and by the way our solutions grow to handle evolving needs. We collect requirements, architect design, write clear documentation, produce reliable, well-tested code, and maintain a record of the state of your systems that provides the fastest updates and recovery when the installation requires adjustment. We bring your projects to work quickly and reliably, reducing uncertainty and minimizing risk.

Gary has done some remarkable things for us. The ability to output Smallworld data to Visio has given us a new view of the data which makes it much easier and faster for our techs to do their jobs.

— Andy Meyers,
Sho-Me Power & Sho-Me Technologies

The Smallworld Safety Sector product you provided went above and beyond our expectations. It is easy to use and eliminates the potential for confusion during an emergency. You were easy to work with, always available, and delivered the product on time.

— Cheryl Mazzoli and Rick Adams, Washington Gas Company